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DoTERRA Essential Oils Wholesale Account - Join up & Save $$$

DoTERRA Essential Oils Wholesale Account - Join up & Save $$$

We would like everyone to be able to empower themselves with doTERRA's essential oils and products.

I am a wholesale member and there are different ways you too can become a wholesale member, you can open a wholesale account for just yourself and your family, OR if you would like to make this a home business, or incorporate doTERRA into your own business as I do, then let me help you.

doTERRA has the BEST compensation plan, and great opportunities to get products for free every month.

Opening a wholesale account (NZD $40.00 joining fee applies), you save 25% off the retail price. If you purchase an enrolment kit upon signing up, this fee is waived. With a renewal fee annually of $30.00 and a FREE Peppermint Oil valued at $28.00.

There is no obligation to purchase every month. You only need to purchase $50 in ONE YEAR that is all, to stay active.

You get your own DoTERRA online office to place orders when you want them, and they deliver right to your home from our NZ Warehouse.

Let's get you started on this wonderful journey with our team.

Use the contact form for more information on how you can start your oil journey.

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I will contact you to set up your account.