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Magnesium & Lavender Body Creme

Magnesium deficiency is common, one in five are not getting enough Magnesium in their diets.

You may be taking Magnesium tablets already, so applying Magnesium Body Creme topically, will provide your body with a higher dosage that is not lost through your system internally.

Because Magnesium Oil is actually watery, by adding it to coconut oil and shea butter, it is easy to apply where it is needed. The other plus is your skin is getting the benefits too.

With the porous nature of your skin, it absorbs what you apply. Once you apply any product, it passes through the outer layers and into lymph and blood vessel system and soon after into the bloodstream. Therefore natural ingredients are the better choice.

So why would you want to apply anything full of harmful chemicals??

A growing number of trials and studies are showing the superior absorption levels of trans-dermal (through the skin) magnesium compared to tablet and capsule supplementation.

Magnesium can help with:-

- Stress relief
- Soothe and relieve sensitive skin
- Pain relief
- Balance blood sugar
- Headaches and migraines
- Restful sleep
- Blood Pressure and hypertension
plus many more benefits!

The addition of Jojoba Oil not only provides hydration to your skin, it is packed full of nutrients like vitamin E and B, as well as minerals like chromium, copper, and zinc, which all nourish and protect your skin.

Plus the benefits of our go to essential oil of Lavender; best known for its calming effects and soothing sedative properties.

And of course Coconut Oil! Good for you on the inside and out.

Apply as needed (you don't need much) it may take a little while to be completely absorbed so allow a few minutes for this to be achieved.

You can also apply to the feet before bed time to help achieve a restful sleep.

Start with a small amount and build it up slowly to allow your body to adjust to the extra magnesium.

It will easily melt with the heat of your body once applied. Keep bacteria out of your skincare products, use a spatula to remove product from container, not your fingers.

NB: Consistency may change if subjected to warm temperatures. Store in the fridge to keep firm in between use. Refrigerate as soon as possible after receipt. Please read T's & C's regarding shipping during warm weather.

* Journal Of The American College Of Nutrition.

Always consult with your GP if you are unsure about using this or any of our products.