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Tattoo After Care Balm

Tattoo After Care Balm
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Full of 100% natural ingredients, our Tattoo After Care Balm can be used on new and existing tattoo's to help them looking fresh and to assist in the healing and prevent the scabbing that can lead to discolouration.

Specifically developed for tattoo's using specific top quality natural ingredients:-

Coconut Oil: Moisturising for dry skin, hydrating and anti fungal.
Jojoba Oil: With hypoallergenic and antibacterial benefits. Can speed up healing.

Essential Oils:
Frankincense, can help skin heal and reduce the appearance of scabs and scars.
Lavender, natural pain relieving and soothing properties. Lavender essential oil will help keep your tattoo open and dry while still easily allowing the skin to breathe while it is healing.
Geranium, tightens, brightens and removes dead skin cells. May be beneficial in reducing irritation and infection.
Tea Tree, purifying and rejuvenating. Can help soothe skin irritations.

Just take a small amount and apply on and around your new tattoo often throughout the day to help keep it moisturised. Recommended four times a day for four weeks and then apply occasionally to help keep it in great condition and also for protection.

NB: Current Batch Tins have slight dimple in side/s. Reduced price to reflect this while stocks last.

Check with your GP before using. Do a test patch before use to check for irritation.

The suggested shelf life is approximately 1 year from opening, depending on storage.

Remember, coconut oil will melt at 24 degrees, store in a cool place for best results. Place in fridge to harden if required to firm up.

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